You have a story. For you and those close to you, it is more important than any masterpiece on the bookshelf. Which is why it should receive the same artistic crafting, thoughtful detail, expert direction, and beautiful binding of any other literature.

In my hands, it will.

I am a published memoirist and creative writing instructor, committed to helping you preserve, enrich, and frame your most essential family resource: your legacy.

-Personal History

I organize events and reflections from your life and capture them in a keepsake book. It may contain elements of history, genealogy, biography, and cultural research.

Carmit Roslyn, Personal Historian

For a memoir, I guide you through a process of telling the stories that have marked your life. I weave them into a unique portrait of history intertwined with your character and personality. You can also commission a memoir of someone else such as a parent or grandparent.


A Travelogue captures the adventure and insights of a particular travel experience. It is the ultimate luxury souvenir. And it ensures your travel will remain distinct and meaningful even after the years have passed.