Carmit Roslyn, Personal Historian


“We started with a box of hundreds of letters from our uncle who died just after World War II. Under Carmit's knowledgeable coaching, we were able to organize our research, shape our collection of the materials, and gather a full picture of his life and story. What we have ended up with is a real treasure to pass down in our family!”
          -Eve M

“Carmit was a pleasure to work with, and so talented at what she does. She knew exactly how to draw the stories out of me and then turned them into something professional and really beautiful.”
          -Carolyn L

​Thanks for helping me collect all the old stories!  I couldn't be happier with the final product and would love to give this as a gift again!​​

​          -Michelle M.

From Memories to a Book

There will be an initial discussion so that you can
​learn about my approach, so that I can understand
your hopes and intentions for your book, and all
can agree upon terms. 

I will interview you either in person or by phone,

at your convenience. My questions will direct the

conversation, spark your memory and take you

through the key points of your story.  This will be recorded.

I will transcribe the recorded material, edit and polish it so it is transformed into an organic story in your voice. I will contribute historical context and artful sidebars bringing your memories to life in colorful new ways. I will also ask you to contribute any additional documents or materials that you feel are needed. The completed first draft will be sent to you for review.

I will make your changes and create the cover and layout for the completed book, including photographs, recipes, family trees, etc. This will be sent to you for approval.

I will coordinate the printing process and arrange for the desired number of copies. At the end, you will have your own beautiful book, telling your story. It will be an heirloom, a gift, and the most important book on your library bookshelf.